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We are a professional riding school & re-education facility for horses, specifically ex-racehorses!



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PHOTO GALLERY, my family and my horses!
This is my baby Shauna at 2.5 months, she was born on the 8th of october 2005! Shauna is my first baby and I beleive i am extremly lucky with her sleeping (she sleeps 11hrs every night and has done so for weeks) it is a great help as i am able to work with my horses and still have heaps of energy for my beautiful daughter! I hope she enjoys the horses like i do and wants to ride however i wont push her to follow me!



@ 8.5 mnths

she is so wonderful xxx

Right: 14 months


'Boys and there toys' i do supose if i can have the horses with real horse power i should let him have his own horse power! Meet Bullet another member of the family! LOL

Darren hopes to be rebuilding his Valiant 1963 s series, which was his fathers race car for a few years around 1980!


In loving memory of Ruby Jane!

'Ruby' was a rescued mare age & breed unknown about 12.2hh. It was so sad seeing her in the sale yard we couldn't help but bring her home and give her a second chance, she was in the worst condition I have ever seen (as bad as in books & on the tV) but we got the vet and dentist to her, gave her a bath, did her feet, wormed and DE-LICED HER! Started a nutritious diet to help gain her weight and in a few months we really saw a difference unfortunately we don't have a photo on the computer of her when we first bought her but this is her now after 12 months ( Note her tail had grown about 20 cm since we brought her home! Ruby is our excellent school pony that any1 can ride! I first put my niece on her for a lead around and it went from there! She is the safest, kindest, most lovely pony anyone could want! HOW CAN PEOPLE NEGLECT SUCH A WONDERFUL ANIMAL!

Left: myself, Amy on Ruby & Erin on spotty

Right: Mini on gorgeous spotty


Left: My WB geld born 3/2/04, photos will be comming!

Right: Billy re-trained ex-racer at ARC



Left: Sarah jumping little monty, unfortunately we lost monty 2 weeks ago to cancer and list of problems the poor man had, but i am glad i was able to give him a few really good months with lots of food and heaps of girls that love him to bits and spoilt the little man all the time! will be a very missed little face, he had a personality i can never forget :)


Flick: Currently spelling

15.2hh, 9yrold TB liver chest, educated mare!

A lovely safe ride, when she comes back into work she is my show horse and another school horse which will be available for part lease!

There is nothing this mare wont do for her rider shes just lovely with lots of lateral work! One day i hope to put her to a nice WB, havnt picked him yet but thats the plans!

Possibly for sale


Speedy: currently for part lease and is a fabulous school horse for the nervouce beg to the experienced rider wanting to work on some laterals and much more!

19yr, 16.2, TB, been there done everything, in his day he was a top show horse! A real pleasure to have around!


Email or call Fiona on 0439 326 912/ fiona@equinemagic.com.au