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We are a professional riding school & re-education facility for horses, specifically ex-racehorses!



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Testimonials: (currently uploading more, check back)

....the first time i meet fiona i
took my little pony to her for some education he was a real bugger she had
him a week and he came home so well behaved he was a different pony,was very
happy with fiona and will defently use her again,i am even going to take up
lessons for me and my daughter with her.very caring lady does a excellent
Janelle Chamings

Hi Fiona, Just thought you might be interested to know that my Henry that we
sold last April has now qualified for Toowoomba Royal Show coming up very
soon!Caroline has taught him all the dressage moves and I hear he is going
beautifully. I couldnt have asked for a better home for the sweetheart.
Horse Deals website is going to post some pics of the show and Im hoping
they put one of Henry in.Bye for now, Thanks Carol.


Professional and kind education! Let us give your horse the right start to his/her training in a kind loving enviroment!Only safe and gently methods used, teaching all aides and we make sure every horse has sound ground education for floating, washing, incl tarps, bags, pole, rubbish bins etc.etc!

What ever your worry it can be adressed!



Basic lunging skills, voice commands, ground manners training, are essential tools for those OTT TB's!


Quality hard feed and hay is essential for health and wellbeing of all horses! A happy well fed horse can perform much better than 1 that isn't fed an adequate diet! (Please see buying & selling page for a basic feeding guide for your average TB)

Do you have a horse that needs

  • sale preperation (to get them in top performance & advertising)
  • starting under saddle
  • Education to all levels of all disiplines
  • manners
  • lungeing
  • foal preperation
  • ground work

Then please don't hesitate to contact me & we can organise something that suits yourself!

PRICES from $130 per week

(cost is established on the type of work and the amount you ask for, feed and any special needs or extras)

24 hr supervision, the property is well maintaned with safety on the top!



I have many years experience in competition, breaking, re-educating ex- racehorses & training young horses! The horses have all been different but I am proud to say all have been successfully re-trained & are now in all different disciplines! I have also worked at some well-known training centres as a foreman, strapper & rider!



This is Bert, I purchased him off the track in 2004! This photo was taken only 2 months after he started his new career as an eventing/dressage horse!

Left: Billy was straight OTT, he had no forward button to the leg, and no mouth, we re-started him! This is a photo after some work was put in, notice the hug my legs are giving :) loose reins but trying to encourage a forward motion! A horse has to be going forward before they can work in a nice frame! What i did like is although he was slow and lacked ummph he used his hind quarters well and had great bend in all joints! See his back leg come right under him! Billy had a huge jump and showed massive potential!

Right: His walk was getting there in this photo, he was still lacking forward ness but didn't loose anything when i aplied any contact with the reins which was a good start!


Left: This photo was taken after a few months training and billy had started to work in a loving soft frame through all gaits and was REALLY ENJOYING his jumping, during our jumping lessons he always had more of a forward button! Notice the bigger belly :)

Billy was sold not long after this photo was taken for PC/eventing with to an experienced rider 'Karly' Billy is now called 'Bailey', Shelly Karly's suportive mum has kept me very upto date with his progress and even sent videos, he is going extremly well and has grown fond of his dressage!

In his first outing with Karly he WON his grade 4 dressage and jump clear for his jumping! Very good effort and a wonderful horse!

This space will have a current photo of Billy very soon! He is in the younge rider dressage squad so i will take some when i catch up in April for our first training day!


Left: Diva a current horse in training and now forsale! see forsale page SOLD

Right: Mykee a current horse in training and now for forsale! see forsale page

Rider: 'Kaylene'


Email or call Fiona on 0439 326 912/ fiona@equinemagic.com.au